Equinox Scheduler

Recognizing the challenge of securing spots in popular Equinox Precision Run classes, I developed a project to automate the reservation process. As an avid fan of these 45-minute treadmill-based classes, I understood the frustration of having to wake up early to claim a coveted spot before they sold out.

This project automatically reserves classes on my behalf as soon as the reservation window opens, typically 26 hours before the class start time. It then seamlessly syncs the reserved class details to my Google Calendar, ensuring I never miss an upcoming session.

The key features include automatic reservation, addition to my Equinox Calendar, and synchronization to Google Calendar - creating a seamless and convenient experience.

In theory, this should work for any class that requires a reservation. Note: I haven't used this in a few years, if something doesn't work -- let me know!

Code on GitHub